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Roll to Dodge: Multiworld Madness. Turn 53!

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Author Topic: Roll to Dodge: Multiworld Madness. Turn 53!  (Read 34107 times)
Sean Mirrsen
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« on: October 27, 2008, 02:45:33 pm »

It's nice to have at least SOME forum to do stuff in. I don't think we can get a full turn in before the new old forums come online, but I'll continue this here for all who care.

I won't post the rules, all who need to know them already do. So, turn!

Turn 53      
Quote from: Rooster
   If there are some organic(flesh or otherwise) golems then I vomit acid from my stomach (or somewhere else if I mutate again) to make them melt... or if I don't find any organic enemies then I lift them with my arms and slam agains the hard rocky ground   
|   You grab the golem before you with all six arms, lift him as if it were a plastic mannequin, and throw it down, smashing it against the ground! | Bits of stone and dust fly up as the hunk of copper strikes the rocks! The golem's heavily battered and has lost its whole left leg and half of its left arm, but it's still capable of fighting. And it's angry. | You don't feel your body do anything for now.   
Quote from: Boksi
   I'll attempt to turn fireproof and immune to the heat from the fire.   
|   You suddenly realise that your skin does not burn anymore, since its thin upper layer peeled off, and the rest is largely protected by the carbide weave. Your upper torso and arms are now rather black, but you're not in pain. The heat from the burning jacket is still bothering you though, it might roast you without actually burning.   
Quote from: Frelock
   I heal Gantolandon and Elica.   
|   Just as you are about to concentrate on healing, the blasted fire imp attacks you again! You struggle, but are unable to withstand the attack, and your TK field collapses! The imp hovers in place, watching you fall onto the hard ground. | You don't manage to do anything and strike the earth with a heavy thud. | Unprotected, your bones snap from the stress of the impact. Most of the bones in your limbs are fractured, your spine almost feels like falling apart. Your skull is probably cracked, too. | A wave of pain tides over you, but you are able to remain conscious. (that's a -4 to all physical, -1 to mental, and -1 to concentration. Ouch.)   
Quote from: Gantolandon
   I try to crawl to the tavern, seeking a shelter.   
|   You remain unconscious.   
Quote from: Jay Kayell
   My action: I use TK to slam the flying creatures into the ground at Mach 5.   
|   It appears your TK has fallen into misuse. You remember how it was supposed to be used, but cannot invoke it.   
Quote from: andrea
   i heal elica   
|   Using a spark of lightning to shoo away the bats, you jump into the tavern cellar and attempt to help Elica. Your lightning stings him a little, but you are able to close the worst of his wounds, using chunks of his own meat that the ratmen let fall as they fled.   
Quote from: chaoticag
   I try and find out how I changed things.   
|   The answer comes to you in a quick and brutally understandable manner - the bubble suddenly becomes transparent, and you see yourself hovering some 50 meters above the tavern. Before you can do anything about it, the bubble disappears, leaving you to fall to your doom! | Not wanting to end up splattered on the rocks, you compose yourself and let loose a powerful TK blast, aiming downwards! The backlash from the blast compensates your velocity, and you manage to gracefully land on your feet into the crater you just made.   
Quote from: korora
   I'll defend Gantolandon: if anything evil comes near I'll try to smash the bauxite chunk into their face to knock if off the Ashcraver.   
|   You strike a defensive pose near Gantolandon's unconscious body, and not a moment too soon! The first demon flies out of the dust cloud, intent on ripping you both apart! | The sword is too heavy for you to swing it in time, and the demon's sharp claws connect with your torso! | You manage to move in time, just a little, but it was enough for the demon's claws to slip, ending his attack in a rather weak punch, that will probably still leave a few bruises. You use the brief moment when he's recovering, and kick him away from you.   
Quote from: LASD
   I collect the keys from nearby players and see if they fit in their keyholes. And put them there if they do.   
|   You run over to korora and Gantolandon. Korora quickly hands you his key and goes back to his demon. You then take the piece of dwarven armor from Gantolandon, and move away from the scene to try putting the keys in. Korora's key fits into the first keyhole you try, and gets firmly stuck as well. Gantolandon's key presents a problem, as you have to pry it out of the armor, but you don't have anything to do it with. Your shield is too thick for it. You ponder the problem for a while.   
Quote from: Kashyyk
   I either hang around, beating up the surrounding monsters while the rest get here, or I plug my key into the artifact.   
|   You attack the two opposing golems with your axe! | One quickly ducks under your strike, the other is not so quick and you hit him in the upper body! | The axe leaves a deep cut in the copper, but it hardly bothers the golem.   
NPC Actions:      
Quote from: Elica Larifera
   Elica is a swordself. Recently hired by Frelock. He's armed with a wooden longsword, and dressed in (somewhat pierced and rather torn) green-grey close-fitting clothing with scarce leaf-shaped decoration. He has some large scars, and still some open wounds, but his life is not in danger.   
   He tries to stand up.   
|   Rejuvenated by andrea's healing, he opens his eyes and tries to rise, but he's still too weak and ends up sitting on the floor.   
First Keeper is dead. His key is taken.      
Second Keeper is dead. His key is taken.      
Third Keeper:{2}   The dwarf just lies there.   
Fourth Keeper is dead. His armor is taken with the key.      
Final Keeper is dead. His helmet's taken.      
Marksdwarf guard: status unknown      
Golem:{6}   The mangled copper golem beside Rooster grabs him by his leg with his only arm, and throws him! In doing so he breaks his last arm, but Rooster is hurled through the air! | Rooster lands on all his 8 limbs, preventing all damage he could have sustained.   
Golems:{6}   The two golems team up and double-punch Kashyyk! | Caught off guard, Kashyyk takes both hits full-on! | So strong and unbendable is his resolve, that the fists of both golems dent and break upon striking his chest! The golems sway back, regrouping for another strike.   
Second imp:{5}   Saving the fire for another barrage, the fire imp dives at full speed at the unconscious Gantolandon! | Finally getting used to the weight of the sword, Korora screams a cry of rage, smiting the foul thing upwards with the Ashcraver! | The massive chunk of heat-resistant bauxite slams into the fiery creature! The rock explodes into splinters, tearing into its already mangled body! Flesh is torn from its bones, and Korora is showered in a rain of hot blood! What remains of the fire imp's body is thrown into the distance.   
Tavern ratmen:{4}   The ratmen successfully lurk somewhere in the tunnels.   
Tavern batmen:{2}   The batmen are too scared to approach Kashyyk or JK.   
Army of darkness:{6}   What remains of the demonic creatures, who were blown away by Gantolandon's earlier blast, are returning to the keep. A dozen or two ratmen and demon rats, and a small pack of giant moles now occupy the keep ruins. In the meantime, the giant bats assault JK! | JK counterattacks, hurling large fragments of wooden logs at the incoming bats! | Most of the impromptu projectiles strike true, knocking no less than a dozen giant bats out of the sky permanently, with less than a dozen remaining.   
Winged demon#1:{3}   The demon flounders for a bit in the dust cloud before finally flying high enough to get out of it.   
Winged demon#2:{2}   He's no closer to resolving to an attack on the tavern.   
Winged demon#3:{2}   This demon also has trouble navigating in all the dust.   
This forum doesn't let me post turns in one message... Sad
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Sean Mirrsen
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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 02:46:20 pm »

Here's the rest of   
Turn 53      
Status after turn:      
Down on the ground beside the destroyed tavern. Clothes on fire.      
Wearing a burnt reddish-black !!jacket of Karl Moebius leather!!, underwear, and slightly torn and singed jean shorts. Wearing a -Steel Full Helm- shaped like an anvil, with an intricate detail attached.      
Arms and most of the torso charcoal black, upper skin layer has burned off in these areas.      
Abilities: Basic TK Manipulation.Basic TK Healing. Big Bully. Special status: Dense Carbon Flesh Interweave. Can only speak goblin. Activated Visual Omnisensor.      
Standing upright in the destroyed tavern cellar.      
Wearing underwear and fairly comfortable greyish trousers. Also wearing a armor set: -Iron splint-mail-, a shirt of leather, Bronze plated greaves, <<Iron high boots>>. Wields a +Steel maul+.      
Abilities: Shrapnel Self. Basic TK Healing. Empowered by Lightning (currently Fully Charged). Special status: Activated Selective Translator.      
Standing upright near the destroyed tavern.      
Wearing underwear, and makeshift bra-scarf clothing. Also wearing the armor set: <<+Iron breastplate+>>, a soft leather shirt, an Iron helmet, some hard leather greaves and -Aluminum high boots-.  Owns an Iron handaxe and a -Black bronze warhammer-, both (probably) on the third floor of the keep for now. Wields The Ashcraver. Holding two large nuggets of gold (2kg), and one particularly large sapphire (0.5kg).      
Several nasty scratches along the left upper arm. Lower body bruised.      
Abilities: Mighty. Extremely Agile. Extended TK Healing.      
[spoiler=Artifact in posession: The Ashcraver]   "A massive, massive, MASSIVE sword. It is three meters long, 1'3'' (~40cm) wide, and dazzingly bright. Its fine steel has been polished to reflect light like a mirror. Its one edge is curved, jagged at the hilt, the other is straight and so sharp it could probably slice adamantine blocks like salami. Down the center of the sword, which is at least 2'' thick, runs a hollow slit 3'' wide, in which yeat another, smaller and straighter sword is concealed. The entire surface of both swords, except of course the sharp cutting edges, is finely engraved with uncountable images, among which the launching of the Challenger, world war II, a nuclear explosion, a trainwreck, and a rotary excavator. The hilt itself (being at the same time the hilt of the smaller sword) is decorated with gold and emeralds you can only assume you've taken from someone, arranged in beautiful patterns, and the handle is woven with three lines - one is a scaly snake with two small rubies in the eyes, and two seem awfully like DNA strands. You get a feeling you could decipher the human genome if you looked closely enough. The guard of the hilt is exquisitely detailed as well, but right down the senter of it, spanning the breadth of the sword, is a solid rectangular golden plate, with the single word: ""ASHCRAVER"" deeply embossed onto it. The entire thing is so immeasurably brilliant, you almost don't want to touch it fearing it'll stick to your hand and corrupt you like some magic ring. Overcoming this fear, you pick it up. Despite its size, it is relatively lightweight, relatively, of course, to anything else so large and made of steel.
The second form is a smaller (comparatively) blade, that together with the folding hilt guard looks like an overgrown sai. It's also exquisitely detailed, but lighter. (+1 to damage, -1 to agility).
The Ashcraver seems to accumulate the energy released by the deaths it causes. The process is admittedly rather slow, but has good uses."   [/spoiler]
Standing upright in a small crater near the destroyed tavern.      
Wearing the armor set: +Steel Chestplate+, -Copper chainmail-, Aluminum cap, hard leather leggings and <<Copper plated boots>>. Wielding a wooden broadsword with sharp edges of a shimmering material.      
Abilities: Basic TK Healing. Extended TK Bolt. TK Ripper Slash.      
Down on the ground near the destroyed tavern. Exhausted.(-2 to power use)      
Wearing underwear, a thin silky sweater, and a set of armor: A <<*Bone full plate armor*>>, +Bone gauntlets+, +Bone high boots+, and +Bone full helm+. Holding a paperclip. Wielding a +Bone Axe+.      
All body and limbs battered. Much of the skin is burned and causes pain. Right hand seriously burned. Hands pierced by numerous splinters. Nasty scratch along the head. Unconscious.      
Abilities: Basic TK Healing(!). Special status: Activated Selective Translator.      
Down on the ground near the destroyed tavern.      
Wearing underwear, a somewhat dirty and badly slashed up <<*Giant cave spider silk robe*>>, and +hippo leather sandals+. Wearing an amulet of a nature's power. Wielding a Steel Quarterstaff and a -Small Iron throwing knife- as a backup weapon. Holding a wad of shredded shimmering cloth, 12 arrows, pieces of wood plate armor with shimmering runes, and a shimmering shortbow.      
All of the body battered, skull cracked, Several ribs broken, left arm broken, right arm and both legs mangled, plus some nasty cuts, and one pierced wound on the body. In tremendous pain. (-4 to all physical rolls, -1 to mental, -1 to concentration)      
Abilities: Slightly improved strength. Meagerly improved agility. Can be cautious while calm. Improved TK Healing III. Stone Frank's Revivification. Basic TK Field. Special status: Activated Selective Translator.      
Standing upright near the ravaged tavern.      
Naked. Wielding an Iron Battleaxe.      
Flesh turned into iron, broken arrows in abdomen, right leg, and left shoulder. Upper body Damaged. Head Damaged.      
Abilities: Enrage Other. Enrage Self. Basic TK Healing(!). Special status: Activated Selective Translator (2). Steel scales. Activated Wideband Omnisensor (normal)Extra: Rollerblades in the forearms.      
Standing upright amidst the ruined keep.      
Wearing underwear (probably), a set of armor consisting of (severely torn up) hard black studded leather armor and greaves, broken iron plated high boots, and (somewhat burned) fur-quilted iron shoulderpads with horns. Wields a +Steel Guitar-Battleaxe+.      
Unharmed, more or less. Two extra ears. Four extra arms. Knees facing backwards. Three fingers on each arm. Seven clawed toes on each foot. Two noses. Three horns on head. Head hair transformed into flexible spikes. Body covered by patches of very hard tissue. Ribcage fused into a solid shell. General -2 penalty to charisma when communicating with humanoid creatures.      
Abilities: Can perform heavy metal. Odd regeneration power. Better aural perception.      
Standing upright near the destroyed tavern.      
Wearing underwear, and a white/pink/yellow suit and top hat made of underwear. Also wearing the armor set: <<+Iron chain Cuirass+>>, -Iron chain gloves-, Iron chain greaves, and Iron low boots. Wielding a *Evil Aluminum tower shield*. Holding the relic container with two keys stuck in, and a piece of dwarven armor with a small key embedded.      
Several scars along the torso. Lightly bleeding hole in the left upper arm. Lightly bruised.      
Abilities: Power of Peace. Power of Persuasion (suit bonus does not apply).Special status: Peacekeeper.      
Jay Kayell:      
Standing upright in the destroyed tavern cellar.      
Wearing purple stretchy shorts. Useless shreds of underwear on right arm. Holding a ring. Owns an Iron Great Eclipse Axe, now lying in the keep ruins somewhere. The armor is armed with a collection of axes and swords (including one shimmering elven blade), and its steel clawed fists as well. The armor has 1 unspent bolt.      
Abilities: Novice Wrestler. Basic TK Healing. Blood of the Blood God. Blood Rage. Special status: Wearing Composite Reinforced Corpse-steel power armor.      
[spoiler=Artifact in posession: a ring]   A somewhat thick ring of steel, intricately engraved, with a large many-edged purple gem set into it.   [/spoiler]
Human/Dwarven Capital:   Large city on the outskirts of hell knows where. Holds a modest amount of homes, from hovels to two-floor apartment buildings, a set of shops, a (destroyed)temple, and a (demolished)keep. Now overrun by an army of darkness.   
Tavern:   Was a two-floor building. Now it's a mangled ruin, thoroughly blasted apart. The building used to contain your enter/exit point, but how to use it is completely up to you now.   
Food store:   Square one-floor building with long tables laden with salted and fried meats of all kinds. There's a single wide table at the far end, with a chest on top of it. There's a mighty fine hole broken through the ceiling.   
Cloth store:   Rolls of cloth and various cloth, silk, and leather articles of clothing are on the many shelves inside this building. There's a single wide table at the far end, with a chest on top of it. The entire building is barely standing, most of its roof is collapsed. There's a pile of elf-paste near the building, and some elven corpses.   
Armor store:   Everywhere in the shop various pieces of armor are thrown about, shields of different sizes litter the floor, and arrayed under the now-broken shelves and tables are enough various boots to outfit a battalion. A large hole is broken through a side wall. The door is toen down. The building took several ballista bolts during the battle. At the far end of the building, there is a single wide table. The heavy chest is on the floor, broken, a large supplement of coins from it now covers the floor.   
The Keep:   Was once a tall, proud building. Now a mighty large pile of rubble. There is one (covered) pit in the center of the first floor, with something glowing below.   
The Temple:   Tall and proud, beautiful building of white marble, a solid first floor surrounded by columns is supporting several ring-shaped floors held up by beautiful marble supports. A deep pool of shiny, clear water can be seen inside the building. Well, it probably was like that. The entire thing has recently tried to rise up in mighty wrath as a gigantic statue of a carp, but failed miserably and broke to pieces. Afterwards, the overpowered Rooster single-handedly sent the whole place into oblivion along with the elves, who now cannot be seen, heard, or even smelled by anyone other than themselves.   
Background: [1]   You don't see anything new.   
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Escaped Lunatic
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« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2008, 04:23:33 pm »

i'll make an electricity shield to protect me. or just to fry anyone near. maybe the second more than the first
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Bay Watcher
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« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2008, 04:55:11 pm »

I'll use my earth non-manipulation to first bury myself to the neck in earth, preferably tight enough to put out the flames, then tunnel into the cellar to get my damn ring. I've spent so many attempts to get it that I simply am not going to give up now.
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Bay Watcher
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« Reply #4 on: October 27, 2008, 05:32:12 pm »

Damn broken quote tags. I'll wait until the forum comes back online, which was supposed to be today.
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« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2008, 07:55:05 pm »

Man... I try to do a good deed by healing and what do I get?

In any case, I'll heal myself, learning to disregard pain as I go.
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Bay Watcher
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« Reply #6 on: October 29, 2008, 03:01:49 am »

Damn broken quote tags. I'll wait until the forum comes back online, which was supposed to be today.

looking forward to it
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